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Lunch and learn: Blockchain; an introduction

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. They are both in the news alot. What is going on? Is it just a passing fad or will they change things in the same way that the internet did at the turn of the millennium? This talk and hands-on session will look at how blockchains work and what we will be able to do with them.

Who’s it for? - Basically anybody technical or non-technial who wants to know more about bitcoin and blockchain and the implications that they may have on money, law and organisations for the future.

Will it be technical? - Not really. Just one or two simple concepts that can be explained without delving too deeply into the internal technicalities. The underlying ideas behind blockchain are quite simple and are very elegant.

Blockchain could impinges on many aspects of our society such as money, law, privacy etc., There will be plenty to talk about without looking too far under the hood technically. There will be poker chips, solid silver, vellum and there will be a hands on paper version of a blockchain which may sound scary but at its worst may involve you adding up a few small numbers.

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Later Event: October 30
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